We are a fansite dedicated to the amazingly talented Ben Lamb!

You can see Ben in The White Queen (BBC ONE, starz) as Anthony Rivers, and in Divergent (dir. Neil Burger) as Edward.

#TotheLighthouse on @BBCRadio4 with @TheRestIs_ as ‘Paul’

#TotheLighthouse on @BBCRadio4 with @TheRestIs_ as ‘Paul’


I know you all loved when Ben played Willoughby in the BBC 4 radio production of Sense and Sensibility, well now we get to hear the sweet sound of Ben’s voice through the radio once more! Starting Monday, August 11 BBC 4 radio will be playing 5 episodes of To the Lighthouse:

Virginia Woolf’s landmark modernist novel based on her own early experiences and published 1927 is dramatised by Linda…

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#Divergent deleted scene shows famous ‘butter knife’ scene with @therestis_ via @YahooMovies

#Divergent deleted scene shows famous ‘butter knife’ scene with @therestis_ via @YahooMovies


Yahoo Movies has released the deleted scene that I know all Fambs have been waiting for – or at least I know I have! I can’t say that I was thrilled when I was watching Divergent for the firs time and not only did Edward not get his chance to kick Peter’s ass, but he never got stabbed in the eye. Even though part way through the film Edward just kind of unexplainably disappears. The future of…

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#1MinMem of Ben Lamb by @1MinuteMemory

#1MinMem of Ben Lamb by @1MinuteMemory

Bsx0qRSIAAAdFgy 1 Minute Memory has started a brilliant campaign to help raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. One of the ways they are making 1 minute memories is buy sketching a 1 minute twitter portrait for their supporters. Because of a wonderful Famb, Sarah Mann, Ben has gotten involved with the cause and today his 1MM sketch was revealed.

What is 1 Minute Memory? Read their 1 Minute…

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'The White Queen' Receives an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Miniseries

‘The White Queen’ Receives an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Miniseries


Congrats to the cast and crew of ‘The White Queen‘ for receiving an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Miniseries! ‘The White Queen’ had been previously nominated for a Golden Globe, but sadly did not win. Hopefully things will take a turn this year and go in favor of this period drama. (more…)

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Watch ‘If I Don’t Come Home - Letters From D-Day’

Watch ‘If I Don’t Come Home – Letters From D-Day’

If I Don’t Come Home – Letters from D-Day from Marion Milne on Vimeo.

“Letters from D-Day was, as you might expect, a three-sofa job. That’s like a three-hanky job, but you sob directly into the sofa to save time.” The Guardian
“Intensely emotional slice of social history….utterly arresting.” Mail on Sunday
“An intimate view of one of the 20th century’s key…

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